About Dr. Mihir Chitale

Dr. Mihir Chitale is one of the best-experienced surgeons in Advanced Minimal Invasive Surgery, Cancer surgery, Robotic surgery, Digestive Surgery, and Endocrine Surgery. He possesses years of experience in performing surgical procedures and has built a reputation as a skilled professional who can handle even difficult cases with precision and confidence. In addition to his surgical and clinical knowledge, Dr. Mihir is considered by his peers to be exceptional when it comes to handling the challenges that often arise during surgeries. He has devoted his time to work with new advanced techniques and use latest technology for difficult procedures. His additional training has helped him perfect the techniques that he utilizes for challenging minimally invasive surgeries.

Dr. Mihir Chitale is one of the top surgeons who is committed to providing the best comprehensive care for his patients, whether it is for surgery or for recovering from it. His success lies in not only performing surgeries with best surgical skills possible but also working with specialists from other departments for optimal patient recovery. Dr. Chitale’s passion for surgery is reflected in his commitment and enthusiasm for his work.


Doctor's Achievements

Dr. Mihir Chitale is a Senior Consultant Surgeon with wide experience in surgical oncology and gastrointestinal surgery.

He has extensive training in laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery, endoscopic surgery, and advanced endoscopic procedures.  He has done Fellowship In Minimal Access Surgery, Fellowship in Advanced Minimal Invasive Surgery(M.U.H.S), Fellowship in Digestive and Endocrine Surgery(France), Oncosurgery & Fellowship In Robotic Surgery(Cambridge,UK), Advanced Trauma Life Support(ATLS) from American College Of Surgeons (A.C.S) Dr. Mihir Chitale is a  core surgical team member of Asia's first Uterine Transplant Team.  He is also a faculty for training programs in Advanced Minimal Invasive Surgery, Gynae-oncology, Upper G.I, and Colorectal Surgery at Galaxy Care Multispecialty Hospital, Pune.