Endoscopic Surgery

Dr Mihir Chitale is an experienced endoscopic surgeon & best cancer surgeon in Pune. He has performed hundreds of successful surgeries on patients suffering from various ailments. His aim has always been to achieve optimal surgical outcomes and high satisfaction scores. 

Endoscopic surgery is performed using a thin scope with a light source, camera, and other small instruments. The operation has small cuts (incisions) instead of larger incisions that would be used in standard open surgery. This can reduce postoperative pain and healing time by improving patient comfort and reducing the need for hospital stays that may be more after open surgery.

Dr. Mihir Chitale is an expert in the field of endoscopic surgery, renowned as a leading cancer surgeon in Pune. He has helped many patients in recovering from thyroid and other endocrine ailments by performing endoscopic surgeries

Endoscopic surgery is a surgery performed through the use of endoscopes. An endoscope is an instrument with a light, lens, and viewing channel that is used to see internal body parts from outside the body. Surgeons can also perform many different procedures on organs as they pass through narrow openings in the body such as during colonoscopies, laparoscopies and hysteroscopies. Endoscopic surgery is the latest in minimally invasive surgical techniques. It is considered to be the best way of performing a particular procedure, as it reduces both physical and psychological trauma related to surgery. Endoscopic surgery is a technique in which surgery is performed through small incisions. A camera and instruments are passed through those tiny incisions, enabling the doctor to perform the procedures more precisely and limiting complications.  Dr. Mihir Chitale is an expert cancer surgeon in Pune. Trust in his expertise for exceptional surgical care.